Samorka is a federation of energy and utility companies in Iceland.

All district heating services and electric-works, most waterworks and most sewage utilities in the country are members of Samorka.


Nordic Drinking Water Conference

In 2016, The Nordic Drinking Water Conference will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland. The conference provides a forum for professionals in the drinking water industry to share experience, knowledge and skills as well as to interact. The conference program offers a comprehensive cross section of the current research and developement activities in the Nordic countries. […]

Towards a greener future

Leading the way in renewables

Samorka flokkar

Geothermal, hydro power, wind and solar are renewable energy sources. The energy is green - harnessing it will not release harmful gases into the atmosphere or affect the environment.

99,99% of all electricity production in Iceland is from renewable energy sources and 90% of Icelandic homes are heated with geothermal water.

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